The Great Blue Hole, Belize

A magnificent, deep blue eye formation located in the middle of the Lighthouse Reef

San Sebasti

Have you ever dreamt of a sophisticated getaway in a vibrant city, where effervescent culture meets exquisite cuisine? San Sebasti


Get ready to be blown away by Patagonia

Istanbul, Turkey

Formerly known as Constantinople, the former Byzantine Empire


A poetic tour of the birthplace of Renaissance

The capital of Tuscany, Florence will take you back to the Middle Ages and the Renaissance eras, with its maze of backstreets, churches, and truly remarkable art. Follow the footsteps of prolific medieval poet and father of Italian literature, Dante Alighieri to discover the quintessential emblems of this romantic city. Author of The Divine Comedy, Inferno, and La Vita Nuova, Dante presence in Florence is almost everywhere, from commemorative plaques to quotes from his most renowned oeuvres carved in stone along the city